How Is It to Be an Android Developer?

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Our phones, smartphones, tablets, TVs, smartwatches, and industrial equipment are the most common operating systems. In general, the position of Android is the leading one, and the best software must work with it. Android developers create programs and applications for such a large number of gadgets. They know if the app built with angular works well on Android. They have enough web technology skills to build a mobile application from scratch. SECLGroup will tell you everything about this profession in the article.

Who Is Android Developer, and What Responsibilities Does He Get?

An Android developer is a specialist who develops mobile applications based on the Android OS, tests them, refines them, corrects errors, and provides software support.

In general, there are two types of mobile development: Android and IOS. The main direction of activity of the Android developer is indicated in the name. This profession assumes that a specialist:

  • Creates applications and elements for them.
  • Writes code according to the plan or specifications.
  • Develops a user interface.
  • Works with data libraries and APIs.
  • Tests and checks performance.
  • Writes accompanying documentation or instructions for applications.
  • Downloads programs and applications on Google Play.
  • Cooperates with the team or specialists of other departments.

The Android platform is used on the vast majority of all used devices. This means there are always excellent and non-inhibitory applications: from games to serious business solutions. Therefore, there is no way to do without good development specialists who can select a proper web app tech stack.

What an Android Developer Needs to Know

To start working in the Android environment, there must be mandatory skills. You will need the following:

  • Know programming languages: Kotlin and JAVA.
  • Understand the features of mobile applications.
  • Know how to test and identify bugs.
  • Know SQL requests.
  • Be able to handle databases and APIs.
  • Orientation in the Android Studio environment.
  • Understand the Android SDK for integration with social networks.
  • Master HTTP and REST architectural styles.
  • Proficient in technical English.

In addition to technical skills, soft skills are also essential:

Communicability and the ability to negotiate. The work is often associated with communication: finding out all clients’ wishes, requests, and remarks is crucial. Communicating will be helpful in teamwork, where you must negotiate and delegate.

Attention to detail. A good working application consists of minor parties. The main thing is to identify them and take them into account.

Perseverance. Creating applications is a rather tedious process, in which the skills of persistence and keeping calm when things go wrong will help.

The aspiration is developing. You must constantly learn because everything changes rapidly in the development field. Awareness of all the news, novelties, and trends is necessary.

Android Development Tools and Languages

The main principle for the developer is object-oriented programming, when the entire program is created as a set of interacting objects, and each object has its characteristics.

The primary tool of the Android developer, the JAVA and KOTLIN languages, is based on this principle. Fluency in these languages ​​is essential. C++ and JavaScript are suitable for writing Android application code.

All work on creating applications takes place in the Android Studio environment. They write code in Java and Kotlin, develop the future interface, edit the application layout, and test the created programs.

Other tools include:

  • UNITY 3D – for creating games on a phone or tablet;
  • BOOSTER – to check performance and optimize;
  • AIDE – it is possible to create programs directly on the phone and not in a particular environment on the computer;
  • FIGMA – here, you can make the interface of the future application.

Pros and Cons of the Profession

The advantages of the Android developer profession include the following:

  • A sought-after profession in digital due to the wide use of Android devices in various business areas.
  • Many specialists form a living community where you can always get advice, support, or criticism.
  • Decent salary and freelance opportunity.

The following points can be considered as disadvantages:

  • iOS developers always have detailed development guides; Android information often changes, and you must adjust.
  • Starting a profession requires a lot of skills and investments.
  • A good Android developer is always a multitasking employee. He also sees the audience, considers the design project, and carries out the development process.

Benefits of the Android Developer Profession for Business

Business needs mobile applications. So you can always be in touch with your customers. Applications are the most powerful tool for contacting your target audience because everyone has a smartphone.

Through applications, you can sell, be notified of promotions and discounts, tell and show your brand, work with a team, and receive valuable analytics.

Creating and implementing an excellent application means being ahead of your competitors.

Today, the most relevant areas of Android development are:

  • The banking application in a smartphone is everything in modern relations with banks.
  • Games and entertainment applications.
  • Applications of retailers with bonuses and loyalty programs.
  • E-commerce – online stores and marketplaces.
  • Applications for photo and video processing.
  • Applications for online education.
  • Libraries and reading rooms for electronic books.
  • Applications for scientific research and calculations.

A private specialist or agency that will develop and set up the application is suitable for a small business. For large companies, it is best to keep a developer on staff or create an IT department where Android will be one of the destinations.

Briefly About the Main Thing

Android is the most common environment that requires excellent and fast applications.

A specialist in the field of mobile development must understand many things, from the analysis of tech stack to the creation of interface graphics.

Android Studio and the programming languages ​​JAVA and Kotlin are the main working tools of an Android developer.

It is not easy to find a good specialist, but if you are the right one, you can make good money.

Business needs mobile applications. Therefore, development specialists are always in demand and need.

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