From Monahan sand hills to Guadalupe mountains, western Texas has terrain and valleys of all sorts. The region’s natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle attract many people to settle here. With a population of over half a million, it’s a great place to live and explore nature’s wonders by car.

Despite marvelous wonders, Texas is also a place of unforgiving heat and soaring temperatures that go above triple digital during summers. Not just you, but your car also needs shade from this blistering heat and humidity. That’s why steel carports are a smart option for Texans. Exactly how & why? Let’s find out…

Steel Buildings in Texas: A Smart Investment?


Steel carports are sturdy and can withstand the high heat of Texas deserts. You see… steel does not tend to crack or twist due to moisture loss. This gives it an advantage over other materials like wood or resin.

Carports are pretty open structures. It allows efficient air circulation. Now, the roof is a place where almost 25% of heat gain or loss happens. You can use reflective paint on the carports’ roofs to withstand the high heat of Texas.

Long Lasting

Metal structures are not susceptible to rotting or decay as time passes by. A little cleaning and care, and it might outlast you. To ensure your metal carport retains its structural integrity over time, prefer buying high-quality steel from a certified buyer.

Wind Resistance

On average, 130 tornadoes hit Texas soil each year. Usually, the wind speed can be as low as 20 mph and as high as 300 mph. In general, most tornadoes can reach up to a speed of 70 mph. In this situation, a wood or resin carport will be airborne in no seconds as soon as it comes under the radar. But, a certified steel carport can withstand a speed of 150 to 170 mph.

Fire Safety

Of all metals, steel has a high melting point. So, your vehicles will be safe from fire outbreaks from within or from wildfire. Usually, metals are non-combustible materials. That’s the reason why insurance companies give 30 to 40% off on insurance premiums for steel buildings.


Metal carports are simple structures and fast to install. They are more affordable than other materials. For instance, a carport made of metal will cost $10 to $30 per sq. ft. The prefab metal ones will cost even less at $10 to $15 per sq. ft. Comparatively, a wood will cost $20 to $35 per sq. ft.

Note that the prices do not include HAVC installation ($300 to $500) and labor costs ($10 to $12 per sq. ft., if not free). Thus, it is wise to ask your metal dealer if they are offering installation as a part of the final package or whether it is free of cost.

Virtually Zero Maintenance

One of the selling points of steel carports is that there is no need to repaint yearly or stain the post or frame to achieve a long-lasting structure. You don’t have to go through the pain of hiring pests and termite inspection and control (approx. cost is $10 to $20 per linear ft.).

In addition, you can use your garden hose with mild detergent to clean the metal carport and leave it to air dry. If you spot any minor rusting, sandpaper, primer, and oil paint, you can fix it.

Energy Efficient

Adding an electricity unit to your metal carport can cost up to $500, along with monthly energy bills. However, metal structures are robust and bear a load more than other materials. You can take advantage of this feature and add a solar roof to your carport. If you don’t want solar panels, you can add battery-operated LED light fixtures to lighten up the carport after sunset.

Versatility of Steel Carports

Your steel carports are multi-functional units. You can use it as –

  • A parking space
  • Covered patio area
  • Outdoor sitting and BBQ area
  • For hosting evening parties
  • As a play area for kids and your pets
  • Outdoor workshop

Additionally, you can even add two full or partial sidewalls to your carport. Adding an overhead storage unit can create space to keep items. Nowadays, metal dealers offer utility carport, i.e., carport + shed. It has a dedicated parking space and a fully enclosed shed to store stuff.

Common Uses of Steel Buildings In Texas


  • For living quarters: You can use steel structures as your primary home, farmhouse, or even guest house. Installing an insulated metal barn with finished flooring and basic amenities is a cost-effective way to keep energy bills low. You can add solar panels to reduce those bills further.
  • For parking cars or other vehicles: The most widely used applications of steel buildings are in the form of carports and garages. You can construct it in any size and design. It can be as high as 40 ft.


  • For storing grains, hay, and feed: You can install a steel barn with proper ventilation and install a fiberglass insulator to keep your harvest, hay bales, and animal feed safe, secure & dry.
  • For sheltering farm tools & machinery: For keeping farm vehicles like tractors, UTVs, seeders, harvesters, and crop dusters, you can get a clear-span steel structure. They will give you unobstructed space to work with.
  • For keeping livestock: Farm barns of large sizes, such as 50 x 60 x 12, can host all your cattle or horses perfectly without giving you any trouble.


  • Warehouses & storage units: Every industry needs a place to keep inventory, spare tools, equipment, and logistics, which can be used in the future. Further, you can even add a thick insulator to create a cold storage unit for keeping perishable goods such as packaged food items and medicines.
  • Commercial office space: Metal buildings have a fast assembly that would aid businesses in starting to work early and generating profit.

Get Your Metal Building in Texas from A Certified Steel Dealer

With new designs and innovative techniques, you can design a stylish carport that your neighbor will envy. Just be sure that you buy the steel structure of your choice from a reputed dealer with industry experience.

Avoid comparing the quote blindly or just based on numbers. For instance, a dealer may offer a carport for a lower price but not provide shipping, foundation, or installation. In that case, you will end up spending extra money. So, be sure to compare every parameter to get the best deal. We hope this was helpful to you.